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Laura L Smith & Charles H Elliott


Psychology Practice Update
We now offer specialized psychological services to people in the Albuquerque, Corrales,and Rio Rancho New Mexico areas.
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Charles H. Elliott, Ph.D. (Chuck) is a clinical psychologist and a Founding Fellow in the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. He specializes in the treatment of children, adolescents and adults with obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, anger, depression, and personality disorders. Dr. Elliott has authored many professional articles and book chapters in the area of cognitive behavior therapies. He presents nationally and internationally on new developments in the assessment and therapy of emotional disorders.

Personal note: I have practiced clinical psychology for over 30 years. During that time I have worked with thousands of students, clients, and colleagues. I began my career working as a faculty member at a state college in Oklahoma. From there, I have had positions as a Director of Mental Health Consultation-Liaison to Children’s Memorial Hospital, Faculty at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine (Programs for Children) and as a Psychology Faculty member at Fielding Graduate University. I have found nothing more rewarding than using psychology to enhance real people’s lives. To do so, I’ve found that it’s important to bring psychology off the academic shelves and translate it into principles and techniques that people can readily relate to.

Laura L. Smith, Ph.D. (Laura) is both a clinical and school psychologist. She was previously a special education teacher and educational diagnostician. She specializes in the assessment and treatment of adults and children with obsessive compulsive disorder, as well as personality disorders, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and learning disorders. She is often asked to provide consultations to attorneys, school districts, and governmental agencies. She presents workshops on cognitive therapy and mental health issues to national and international audiences. Dr. Smith is a widely published author of articles and books to the profession and the public, including those co-authored with Dr. Elliott.

Personal note: My journey to clinical psychology took many turns. I obtained a Master’s degree in special education and began my professional life in the challenging school system of Detroit, Michigan. After moving to New Mexico, I continued to work in the schools teaching kids with special needs. My interest in dyslexia led me to obtain certification as an Educational Diagnostician. Wanting more specialized skills, I then became a licensed school psychologist, earning a Master’s degree in clinical psychology. I continued working with emotionally disturbed and delinquent children while completing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. My internship focused on neuropsychology at the University of New Mexico. Since then I have worked in various positions, including as a psychologist at a juvenile detention center, a staff psychologist at the Presbyterian Medical Group, a clinical supervisor at various rural school districts, and a consultant to Head Start programs. I also have run a private practice for much of this time. Throughout these years I have raised three kids, enjoyed my four grandchildren, and written more than a few books.

Dr. Laura Smith and Dr. Chuck Elliott

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